Saturday, April 25, 2009

Salmon fry count is almost finished

Hi everyone: The past 2 months have gone by very quickly as I continue the pink salmon out migration count at the Glendale River. The Glendale spawnning channel has produced over 3.5 million pink fry this season. I think this is an excellent count, and much higher than all predictions given the poor returns of adults last fall.
The Glendale river is also producing high numbers of pinks, chum and coho salmon, although I don't have the estimated numbers yet. It has been more difficult to count the river fish this year as a couple of new channels have formed because of high water runoff. We believe the salmon fry prefer the shallow water of the new channels to avoid predation by cutthroat trout and other predators such as otters and mink.
We have had a black bear hanging around the shore line behind the lodge for almost a month now. Old Scarface, another blackbear, showed up about a week ago. I had photographed him last season and was happy to see him around the spawnning channel again this year.
Only 2 weeks to go before the new season begins. I look forward to meeting the new guests, sharing stories and building new friendships.

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