Sunday, March 15, 2009

New season underway

Hi Everyone: I am just trying to set up this new technology with my challenged techno mind. I hope it works before I have to take a hammer to the whole operation.
I have been out to the lodge for 2 weeks setting up the fish counting system in the spawnning channel and the Glendale River. Not many salmon fry showing up yet, too cold.
Bird life is starting on the estuary for the spring season. Birds who winter here such as the Trumpeter swans and Canada geese are still hanging around and the Song Sparrows have started mating calls. The Common Mergansers and Barrows Golden-eyes are pairing up preparing for the mating season. Everyday I am watching for new birds. The other day I saw a Spotted Towhee, and several Varied Thrushes as well as Fox Sparrows foraging on the intertidal zone of the estuary. High in the branches of the shorline trees was a flock of about 15-20 Red Crossbills. Last season I did not see a crossbill or a towhee.
Let's see if this new tech works!!!
Cheers, Bob

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