Friday, December 2, 2011

Freedom to Float

I was walking the beech yesterday enjoying the sunrise and the calm strait. Out on the water sat several different species of birds, mainly ducks. Today the Cormorants seemed most numerous so I sat and watched them for a while. The largest ones we have living

on the west coast is the "Double Crested Cormorant" and the smallest is the "Pelagic Cormorant." Most often we see them sitting on the rocks digesting their meals or drying their feathers. They don't have any oil in their feathers which reduces their water buoyancy, allowing them to dive down as low as 160 feet to catch their small fishy meal. I have seen them sitting out there trying to dry feathers in a rainstorm too.

Often, I enjoy watching Cormorants and Gulls riding the tidal currents on a piece of driftwood. What freedom that is and it reminds me of the days we used to have floating down the Smokey or Wapiti Rivers in our canoe or raft. Just sit on your raft and let the winds or the current carry you someplace. Where, who cares? We used to worry about getting back to the confines of jobs and homes, preferably on time. Now days we all have to be equipped with GPS, Spot, and cell phones, just in case somebody wants to get a hold of us. The old freedom is rare these days. I wondered if Mother Cormorant was concerned about her young ones, floating off on the ebb tide? Were they worried about getting back to the big rock to dry out? Could they fish for their supper wherever that driftwood took them? Would they just ride their raft back on the flood tide?

I think more of us should just get on our "raft" and go wherever the winds, tides or trails take us. Lets not be too concerned about if we get back today or by dark or even by tomorrow. Is the world going to stop spinning because we aren't exactly where we are "supposed" to be? There would be a lot less stress, at least on ourselves.

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